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Property Practically Managed is a property management and investment company based in Ruislip and operating in all surrounding areas. We are a one stop shop for all your property needs with expertise’s in both commercial and residential lettings.

Why Choose Us

Reliable and Timely Services

PPM is devoted to its customers! We will give you what you need, exactly how you need it. In the vast market of property management, PPM is dedicated to standing out and providing trustworthy services to customers. We build relationships with our customers- we believe in unity and fairness to both Landlords and Tenants!

Ensured Stream of Income

With us, you will enjoy getting a steady stream of income without putting in much effort! Simply sign the papers and hand over all your responsibilities to us- doesn’t that sound convenient? You do not have to even bat an eyelash if your tenant doesn’t pay the rent or is late.We are there to support you no matter what!

Protection & Renovations

We will protect your property and renovate any parts of the property that require it. And when we’re done with it, you will end up with a stunning, desirable property that has a high valuation! You’re under our responsibility and we’re going to make sure you get the best of the best. We are both effective and productive, you just need to take a leap of faith and let PPM do your work for you!

Reliable Tenants

Our employees are dedicated to finding you the best tenants who will live in your property hassle-free, while also giving you a healthy profit. We do this by measuring our tenants through many standards that we’ve seen fit for living. If they surpass these standards, they’ll live on your property and you might even get an excellent online review once they leave!

Guaranteed Rent

At PPM we offers a rent guarantee service that pays you rental income every month. You will not have to worry about receiving rent or about lengthy periods without receiving it because we will pay it to you, on a regular basis.

  1. No voids costs
  2. Now you don’t have wondering about whether you will receive rent late, if at all.

Block Management

Hand over the management responsibility of your property to the experts at PPM. We will handle the day-to-day affairs of your property, find suitable tenants for the property, and ensure that these tenants uphold the terms of their contract. Our experienced team will work hard to resolve all problems associated with property management.