Information for Tenants

Helping Tenants find their Dream Property!

PPM is dedicated to ensuring you as a tenant get the best possible services. For our tenants, we will devote our time to finding properties close to their jobs in a commercial area, or near residential areas should they prefer the comfort and livelines of friendly neighbourhoods. Moreover, we also offer a variety of insurance policies for our tenants based on their many different requirements

How we our services work?

  1. We’ll help provide housing to vulnerable individuals
  2. Our employees will welcome you at your property personally, ensuring your safe transition and move.
  3. If you’re bound to a time-consuming job that needs your attention 24/7, we can help you find houses near your place of employment.
  4. We will provide you with the highest quality of living wherever your preferred rented property may be. We’ll ensure you have the best landlord-tenant relationship and you can find a property of your choosing.
  5. Before you move in, we’ll have already set up your property for you, making sure the property meets our internal standards to ensure your comfort